29 Jun-1 Jul 2020 Villeneuve D’Ascq (France)

The HTCD2020 symposium

Registration and call for abstracts

The deadline for oral communication or a poster abstracts submission has been extended to the 1st of March at 12:00. Do not miss the chance to come to the HTCD2020 and present your latest work on high-throughput catalysts design! The submission form can be found here. Please consider that you need to have an account on the sciencesconf.org platform to be able to submit an abstract. To create such account, please click on arrow button next to the "Login" button located on the top-right corner of this page (see capture below).


/!\ Creating your account on the website for abstracts submission does not register you to the congress!


The HTCD2020 will gather the major actors of the catalysts design research field that use high-throughput technologies and equipment. It will held from the 29th of June 2020 to the 1st of July 2020 in Centrale Lille - Villeneuve D'ascq - France, near the beautiful city of Lille.


This first edition of the symposium follows the construction of a collaboration network founded by several european high-throughput robotic platforms dedicated to research in biology (genome foundries, enzyme engineering platforms, microbiology/fermentation platforms, etc.), as well as a first workshop that was organized by these laboratories in Darmstadt in November 2018. In order to greatly improve the exchange of knowledge on the use of high-throughput technologies and equipment for catalysts development between both academic and industrial researchers, the HTCD2020 will extend the scientific domain of this network to chemistry and data treament.


Therefore, the HTCD2020 will regroup scientists that study the automated synthesis, the testing and the characterization of chemo-, bio- and hybrid catalysts, as well as the methods recently developped to accelerate these steps with the use of new data treatments and artificial intelligence processes. In order to maximize the interaction between these different fields of expertise while offering highly qualitative scientific talks, the symposium will include common sessions where all type of catalysis will be presented and dedicated session for biocatalysis and chemocatalysis.



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Welcome to our beautiful city of Lille!


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