29-30 Jun 2020 Villeneuve D'Ascq (France)


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Because the HTCD2020 is aiming to connect the ongoing innovative fundamental research in high-throughput catalysts design to the most recent technological development, we propose to you, our industrial partners, to become a sponsor of the HTCD2020, and to come to present your lastest innovations. For more information about the sponsoring options, please download our sponsoring brochure by clicking the PDF document on the left.
Avantium Avantium
Avantium Catalysis is the leading provider of advanced catalyst and adsorbent testing technology and services to accelerate catalyst R&D. It is a business unit of Avantium, the Amsterdam based, Euronext listed, leading renewable chemical technology company. We have over 50 highly skilled and experienced professionals, representing over 20 nationalities, dedicated to providing you with fast and accurate R&D results, no matter how complex your chemistry or R&D challenge may be. Avantium Catalysis helps you accelerate your catalyst or adsorbent R&D. We do this by supplying our advanced Flowrence high-throughput catalyst testing systems, or by executing in-house customized contract catalyst research projects. We work in a collaborative, creative and tailored manner for our customers in the fields of refining & energy, chemicals and renewables – whatever your objectives may be, we will find a way to help you.
Chemspeed Chemspeed
CHEMSPEED TECHNOLOGIES FOCUSES ON CREATING, DEVELOPING AND DELIVERING FULL WORKFLOW APPLICATION ORIENTED SOLUTIONS WHICH ENHANCE R&D PRODUCTIVITY. Chemspeed Technologies is the leading provider of high-throughput and high-output research & development workflow-solutions from single bench-top/standalone automated workstations (powder dispensing – sample preparation – synthesis – process development – formulation – application – testing) up to complete and integrated product development workflows for the entire product development processes in the chemical, material science, renewables & energy, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, specialty chemical, home care, cosmetics and nutrition industries, as well as academia.
At hte – the high throughput experimentation company, we make R&D in the area of catalysis faster and more productive. We enable cost-effective innovations and reduced time to market for new products, thereby allowing our customers in the energy & refining, chemical & petrochemical, and environmental industry to keep ahead of the competition. Our technology and services comprise: 1) R&D Solutions: highly efficient contract research programs at hte’s state-of-the-art laboratories in Heidelberg, Germany & 2) Technology Solutions: integrated hardware and software solutions, enabling our customers to establish high throughput workflows in their own laboratories. Our customers benefit from a broad technical and scientific expertise, an exceptional customer orientation, complete end-to-end solutions, and an outstanding data quality. Our close ties with BASF guarantee long-term orientation and stability. For more information, visit our website www.hte-company.com.
M2P-Labs M2P-Labs
Do not hesitate to consult the M2P-Labs' website (https://www.m2p-labs.com/)!
Shimadzu Shimadzu
Shimadzu is a recognized expert in the field of comprehensive analytical solutions (medicine, chemistry, pharmacy, food industry and environment), one of the world's leading instrumentation companies dedicated to analytics. Since 1875, his philosophy has been to put his skills at the service of science. In 2002, Shimadzu's French subsidiary was created. Building on the instrumentation developed by Shimadzu Corporation, the team of application engineers present in France develops its own analytical solutions for laboratories in order to offer complete, proven and Reliable. Shimadzu puts the expertise of its teams at the service of your teams and laboratories in order to best meet the regulatory requirements and quality monitoring of the production, as well as the new analytical challenges that present themselves to you.
REALCAT consists of a high-throughput platform, unique in the world, devoted to innovation in heterogeneous, homogeneous catalysis and bio-catalysis as well as their combination under the ultra-efficient novel concept of “hybrid catalysis”. This integrated combination of skills and technologies enables high-level R&D catalysis development programs on hot topics including environmental and economic issues. The versatility of the platform also offers the possibility to run projects in the field of materials development.
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